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Fearlessness. Courage. Integrity. Compassion. Determination.


These are but a few of the traits that define a hero, the attributes that allow a seemingly average person to inspire greatness in others through their own actions and words. Missing from that list, however, is the word “Age.” That’s because there’s no one asking for an ID when the moment to rise up and be a hero presents itself. And while our society often celebrates heroism in many forms, be it military, first responder, law enforcement, teacher, athlete, or parent, we often fail to acknowledge the everyday heroes that come in another form: children.  


That’s precisely why Junior Hoorah 2 Heroes was created. There are countless examples of our youth proving that making the choice to do the right thing, standing tall in the face of adversity, and becoming a beacon of hope for those who have none, has absolutely nothing to do with age. We hope that by sharing some of their stories, these Junior Heroes can inspire greatness in people from all walks of life, and at any age.