Nicolas Solberg

Graphic Designer

During my years on this big blue marble, I’ve come to appreciate that every single day, every person, and every opportunity are truly unique. I’m able to find inspiration everywhere I turn, in my environment, in nature, and in the people I know and meet. It fuels my creative energy, and I feel honored to give that energy back through a variety of outlets, including drawing, graphic design, and photography. That’s why I was drawn to Hoorah 2 Heroes – it celebrates the extraordinary that can exist in everyone, and seeks to awaken every person’s inner courage, selflessness, and verve for life. I’m proud and honored to help H2H in my graphical way, and can’t wait to see what amazing adventures and accomplishments this group has in its future! To view more of Nicolas's graphic design work please visit his website here.

Nicholas Solberg - Graphic Designer